Saturday, December 5, 2015


dear SA,
~my SA, once~
seseorang yang baru dijumpai semula.

zaman kita dah lama berlalu.
seperti yang anda bagitau, 
the road that i've taken, separated us away.
well, life is hard.
and fair.
thank you for sharing our old days moment
yang banyak saya tak ingat

of course masa tak dapat diundurkan semula
kalau boleh pun cuma dalam drama korea je
drama melayu tak boleh
tapi kita bukan pelakon, kan
so this is reality. move forward for future

once u 'ended', i'll accept 
it was started from me, after all
wishing u all the best, insyaAllah

kawan kita kata, dunia ni kecik aje
and u'll probably know me on the road
just honk and say salam
and i'll just smile

what we have now is our choice
we love them, of course
i'm sorry for being rude and thoughtless
as such u are mine.

i miss u, indeed.
sweet dream, my SA... 
without me.

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